1. Johnson Center, Third Floor
The third floor of the JC is where students generally go to study. It’s far enough away from the noise of the food court for you to concentrate on finishing that paper, but the oversized chairs and study rooms are also ideal for sleeping. If you’re in between classes and want to catch a few Z’s or just plain tired, the third floor of the JC promises comfort. Maybe you overate and don’t want to head back to your dorm just yet, or you simply want to escape reality for a short while. Go on and journey up to the third floor.

2. Patriot’s Lounge
Sure you’re surrounded by a few university offices and you might receive a questionable glance from the information desk person, but who cares?

3. Presidents Park Lawn
It might not be the beach, but the Presidents Park lawn is the perfect place for you to nap uninterrupted.