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Best Literary Festival

Fall for the Book is one of the biggest and most anticipated literary events of the season. Starting off as a small, two-day festival eleven years ago, George Mason University and the City of Fairfax has joined together again to host the festivities spanning Northern Virginia, D.C. and Maryland. This annual weeklong celebration of reading, […]

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Grocery Heaven

As a new college student, you might find the task of shopping for groceries on your own a bit daunting. If you’re living away from the supervision of your parents, you now have the freedom to buy want you really want to eat instead of discreetly hiding your not-so-healthy purchases in the back of the […]

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Do You Want Fries With That?: Cheap Eats

Freshmen, we hate to break it to you, but after the first few months here, you’ll probably get tired of the food choices on campus. It’s like anything else, really—variety is the spice of life. The Johnson Center food court can lose its charm pretty quickly; the traditional chain restaurants available around the City of […]

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Dating around Fairfax

The weekend is fast approaching and you finally asked out that someone who has caught your eye in class. Now you just need something fun to do! Your date options are virtually endless in the City of Fairfax. We all know that Washington, D.C. is definitely a hot spot for dates, but if you live […]

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Best Napping Spots

1. Johnson Center, Third Floor The third floor of the JC is where students generally go to study. It’s far enough away from the noise of the food court for you to concentrate on finishing that paper, but the oversized chairs and study rooms are also ideal for sleeping. If you’re in between classes and want […]

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Campus Revolution: Mason Jumps On the Green Bandwagon

BY NOW, WE all understand the responsibility we have to do what we can to reduce our impact on the environment. At college campuses across the country, students, faculty and staff are participating in a variety of greening efforts. George Mason University is high on that list of schools on their way to being a sustainable […]

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Real World Experience: On-Campus Jobs

INSTEAD OF HAUNTING the campus mailroom every day hoping for a sympathy check from some stray relative, consider getting a job on campus. An on-campus job won’t devour all of your social and academic life. Instead, it can give you the cash you need without interfering with your classes and a chance to meet new […]

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